Flashback to a Summer Day

Sammy looking as big as Lucy’s calf

One of my all time favorite photos from the middle of a hot summer. Sammy, my miniature pig, found his way to the front field. He spent the entire day, grazing amongst the herd, gaining even more weight than I ever thought possible. Fortunately, Sammy has slimmed down during these more austere winter months. Dry pig pellets are not as lovely to eat as sweet, shoulder high summer grass.

Winter Feeding

Fresh hay on a snowy morning
Willow getting a warm start to the morning

Feeding is a daily event during the winter months. This time of year, coveralls, coats, boots and warm clothes are a necessity. The cattle become much more docile and accepting of close contact, just the sound of the tractor brings them running. I take the opportunity to walk among the girls during unrolling of the hay. The cows are happy with the colder temperatures, no flies are buzzing around and as the hay hits the snowy ground, many of them accept a pat or a rub.

Willow, my first bucket baby, still looks for that blue bucket of milk each morning. She is almost 5 months old, and I will be weaning her in a week or so. I am hoping for a few mild days so the weaning is not too hard on her (or me).