Farm feeding first, human’s breakfast last

From December through March or April, mornings on the farm start with feeding the animals. Willow, our bucket calf, eats first while the tractor is warming up.

Next to eat are the heifers and steer, our youngsters from last spring. We unroll hay for them each morning, and set a bale in the feeder when a storm is in the forecast.

In the mountains field, our main herd of mamas, who are all expecting calves this spring, get their breakfast next. We keep two hay rings there and usually unroll a bit of hay so the cows can spread out and feed.

Of course, Sammy and the goats are waiting for their kibble, the hens are clucking for some scratch grains with mealworms and Sundance is anxious to move into the front and his hay filled barn run-in. I use heated water bowls during the extended cold spells but none them are very large, so all have to be refilled twice a day.

And then finally, the humans get to eat. One of our favorite winter breakfast meals are grits with eggs, topped with crumbled bacon. Yum!

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