Mahalia and Aretha

These two heifers are doing great! The moo’ing and pacing has ended, and both girls run up to get their morning share of sweet grain and unrolled hay. Our oldest heifer in this herd is Hazel, who is half Angus and half Braunvieh, giving her an absolutely beautiful, chocolate colored coat. Hazel is the queen bee and will push the younger ones out of the way so she can eat their grain. Eventually, she will be moved in with the older cows. But until either that happens or the other heifers tighten up, we set out a few separate food bowls for the Mahalia, Aretha and my baby Willow.

Mahalia and Aretha eating their breakfast grain

When we unroll hay for this herd of young cows, we make sure to put down a few rows of hay, separated by a few feet. This gives the smaller heifers space to eat. The older, larger girls like to bump the roll on the tractor and rub their heads on the fresh bale, knocking off chunks before the tractor even sets down the bale. The morning line up of heifers has become interestingly predictable. Once the unrolling begins, the heifers who have been together the longest always eat on the first line, largest to smallest. In the next line of hay, Willow is able to get her share. And then at the end of a row, the two newest herd members, Mahalia and Aretha belly up to their hay bar.

Line up of the oldest heifers
Willow’s share
Mahalia and Aretha at the end of the hay line.

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