More SNOW!

The weather forecast yesterday called for mostly rain, with a mix of some wet snow, from noon-6pm today. So the plan for today was to dig some stumps, work on fencing the new pasture, and then feed both herds of cattle around noon.

At 7:30am, a light snow began to fall, and has been falling all day. So much for well made plans. The cows had to be fed early, and with a few inches on the ground by noon, all other projects were cancelled. We unrolled hay for both herds, gave the older ladies a new protein bucket and fed them some sweet grain. The heifers just got unrolled hay. With all of the moving between the herds, they have become spoiled, so I am cutting back their expectation of sweet grain each morning.

Yesterday, we loaded the last steer of 2018 into the stock trailer and took him to “camp” at the base of Old Rag mountain. We are fortunate to have a relationship with a beef finisher who buys all of our steers, typically when they reach 7-9months of age and at about 500-600lbs. The finishing farm keeps the steers for 12-18 months before their final step to becoming beef. Harsh, but that is where burgers and steaks originate.

No cattle pictures with this post – I was so focused with moving the steer and dealing with the weather that at the end of each day, I realized no activities had been captured. Next time!

As I watch the snow fall and accumulate, I am thankful for the beautiful views, my cozy home and that calving season does not start until the end of March this year.

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