Little Whistle Pig

Before we drove the posts for the fence project, one huge walnut tree stump had to be removed. Mowing around it was such a chore and removing all of the weeds nearly impossible so we decided to dig it up before installing the new fence.. Next to the stump was a wood shed we had built to hold wood for the fire pit. I knew there were a couple of groundhog holes around the shed and stump but had not seen any activity this spring.

After a few minutes of stump digging, the wood shed was clearly in the way and had to be moved. At about this moment, Bill mentioned that he had seen something run out from under the woodshed towards the herb garden. We proceeded to load the pile of wood from the shed into the tractor bucket and move it to the tobacco barn. After 4 trips, the wood pile was almost gone when I noticed sometime behind the few remaining logs. I poked at the small furry ball and out ran a young groundhog. Her mama was what had caught Bill’s attention running from the shed when the digging began.

Looking for a place to hide, the little groundhog buried her head under a random piece of wood left lying in the grass. Apparently believing that if she couldn’t see me, then I couldn’t see her. LOL!

As I reached toward the small critter, she peeked out curiously from behind the piece of wood. I just love groundhogs, with their bottle brush tails and piggy ears.

The best nickname that I have ever heard for a groundhog is Whistle Pig. Just give a whistle to these brown, furry pigs grazing in a field and they pop up to listen.

Tired of my company, off she ran to look for her Mama and a more secure place to hide.

I was amazed at how this groundhog blended in with the dirt, stone and roots, perfectly camouflaged. She is standing at about 11:0, close to the center of the photo. No doubt, this cute little critter has reunited with her Mama and they have found a new home somewhere in our backyard field.

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