“Let’s Get A Puppy”

Beware of the phrase, “Lets get a puppy”.  

  • 6am. I am up, putting on my coat, hat, gloves and boots to take Puppy outside. 
  • Puppy suddenly thinks the furnace steam vent is a threat but finally takes care of his business . 
  • Back inside as I unsnap his leash, Puppy grabs my glove and races towards the kitchen.
  • I run after Puppy, desperate to get there first to put the gate up between him and mudroom where the cat food bowls sit.
  • Barely in time, I scoot Puppy to kitchen side of gate, while Slick bats and snarls and Louie cowers.
  • I feed Slick and let Louie outside.
  • I feed Puppy.
  • Just as I pour my coffee, Puppy finishes eating and starts chewing on my slippered feet.
  • As I sit at the kitchen table and open my computer, Puppy jumps on me wanting on my lap.  
  • I lift Puppy with his chew toy on my lap, but he continuously gnaws on my sleeves.  
  • I put Puppy in his playpen, just beside the kitchen table.  I sit down and take a sip of coffee.
  • Puppy poops in the playpen.
  • Puppy is out of playpen so I can clean up the poop. Puppy chews on my feet.
  • Slick jumps over the gate and sits on his chair at the kitchen table.  Puppy immediately terrorizes Slick.  Slick fights back.  Puppy goes back in the playpen.
  • My coffee is now cool enough to gulp. I decide to grab a yogurt before I head outside to take care of the farm animals. 
  • Puppy is out of the playpen, finally focused on chasing around a toy.
  • Louie appears at the kitchen door.  I quietly open it a crack to let him in. Well, a bit more than a crack because Louie is a fat cat.
  • Puppy immediately drops his toy and darts out the door.  
  • The chase begins.  Louie bolts, Puppy is in hot pursuit, followed by me desperately trying to catch Puppy before he plummets off of the deck.  
  • Thankfully Louie cowers by the mudroom door.  I pick up Puppy, let Louie inside and put Puppy back in playpen.
  • I sit down at kitchen table to finish my coffee and take one bite of yogurt.
  • Slick, sitting on his kitchen chair, projectile vomits.

Beware of the phrase, “Lets get a puppy”.  


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