Scarlet’s Twins

With two healthy heifers close by her side, Scarlet’s work has begun in earnest. Neither heifer was very large, which undoubtedly contributed to their successful, natural delivery. The first one weighed a bit more at about 65lbs while her sister was a petite, 55lbs. In contrast, Hazel’s bull born on the same day, weighed in at around 75lbs.

With both heifers up and nursing, poor Scarlet is always busy. She is either cleaning one heifer while nursing the other, or nursing both at the same time.

Once in a while, Scarlet gets a free moment to eat a few bites of hay.

Twin #1 is adorable, with dark red fur and a pink nose.

Twin #2 is also super cute with large ears and bright eyes.

Scarlet is a great mama. She lets us get close enough to touch her babies, but calls them to her with soft mama moo’ing.

In an effort to help Scarlet keep her energy and milk production up, I have been taking a couple of scoops of sweet feed to her every afternoon. I hide the pan as I walk into the field, or the other cows would mob me. In a couple of weeks, I will put up the creep feeder to let the calves access and eat grain as well, and maybe take some pressure off of poor mama.

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