Rainy Sunday

My Dad and I have always shared an interest in researching and documenting his family’s history. With his help, I created a family tree for a highschool class project, documenting ancestors back to Germany and England in the early 1700’s. When my Dad downsized to an assisted living facility last year, I became the curator of his many bins of paper, photographs and books documenting our family history. Photographs are abundant in our family, going back many generations, including tin daguerreotypes. Over the past months on rainy days, I have worked on creating an improved family tree based on the extensive collection of photographs. One outcome is that my daughters will inherit the photographs in organized boxes by family surname. But also, working on this project has provided me many reasons to call and chat with my Dad, with questions about the ancestors, their homes and events as he is now the sole owner of these memories. I cherish each and every one of these phone calls.

On this rainy Sunday morning, I decided to go through my collection of old bibles and photo books.

One of the largest bibles has a section in the back featuring pages of black and white sketches, similar to an encyclopedia. I imagine in some families long ago, a large family bible was the only book was owned. These pages were probably used to add realism to the words and stories.

A small number of pages in these heavy books are colored and protected by a preceding page of tissue paper. Even after more than 100 years, the colors are still vibrant and in beautiful condition.

In one of the bibles, the center pages have been filled out in a beautiful, hand written script. The first page documents the young couple on their wedding day, my great-great grandparents on my Dad’s mother’s side. The following pages list some of the births and deaths within their lifetimes.

In addition to these family bibles, another old book handed down to me is a photograph book. Because of recently working on the family tree, I recognized a number of my ancestors in this photographs. But there are many more with no labels that will keep me busy trying to figure out their identities.

I have always been drawn to the photos of the children, all related to me in some manner. Looking on these young faces born so many years ago, I wonder about how their lives turned out, where they lived and what memories they made, all of which are now lost in time.

Almost every book in my collection has something tucked in amongst the pages. Going through the pages of the photograph book, I found pressed roses from a long ago event. Were they from a wedding or birthday or anniversary? The answer will never be known as no note was left on the enclosing paper.

Between the pages of one of the smaller small bibles was the program from a high school commencement in May, 19891. One of my great-great uncles, who was then 18 years old and most likely part of the graduation class, recited “The Soldier Of The Future”. Sadly, he died 4 years later. So there is another question for my father during our next chat, he will most likely remember the story of this uncle.

A morning well spent, reflecting on long ago family history and preserving the collection for my daughters and grandchildren.

Bill and I are working the entire cattle herd tomorrow, and I have many items still on my list to get done in preparation. Enough of the past, time to move forward to the present day. My great-great aunt Carrie, sister of the uncle above, would understand and be proud. She moved to Arizona as a young woman and lived her life running a cattle ranch.

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