Catching a swarm

My two bee hives came through the mild winter very strong. Over the past two weeks, they have started swarming, with three of the swarms landing on fence posts near my apiary. We managed to notice and catch all three swarms.

During today’s swarm and capture, I took some videos because the whole process happened while we were watching. The first part of the video shows the group of swarming bees coming out of the hive and gathering around the opening. Then the bees leave the hive and gather on a nearby post. Somewhere in the middle of the worker bees is the queen. As the bees wait on the post, surrounding and protecting the queen, scout bees are sent out to look for a new home.

I scoop up handfuls of the docile bees and drop them into the hive box but the only bee that matters is the queen. If I get her into the box, then the workers will follow. And once the workers go into the hive box, the scouts will return and go inside too. Then the whole group will decide that the hive box is a good new home, so they will stay. The queen will start laying eggs and the workers will go out to gather pollen and store honey.

Honey bee swarm

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  1. Very cool! My bees swarmed two years ago and I was able to recapture them as well. It was an adrenaline rush, something I never imagined I’d be doing. Good for you!

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