Happy Mother’s Day

Today, as part of our traditional Mother’s Day weekend, Shane returned to the farm. The ladies and his group of babies from this spring, all gathered to welcome him home.

While the cows and Shane were getting reacquainted, I put some sweet feed in the creep feeder trough. Scarlet’s twins are doing well but seem to be a bit thinner than the single calves. We set up a area in the field to allow the smaller calves access to supplemental feed. Obviously, all of the little calves have figured out the entrance and are hooked on the sweet grain. Pearl, who is 14 months old, looks on longingly from the outside. By design, she and the other older heifers are too big to fit through the doorway.

Of course, there is always that one steer in the crowd who takes advantage of the situation by standing on everyone else’s food.

I just love how the baldy babies look so much like their mama’s!

Happy Mother’s Day!!

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