Summer Rotation

The herd has been on the first summer time pasture for a week now. The difference between the used field on the left and the fresh field on the right is striking. Eighteen cows, one bull and nine calves have mowed down acres of spring grass in a mere seven days. So we pulled up the line and moved everyone to the greener pasture, beginning the summer rotation.

As with all herd activity, Bella is at the head of the parade while Shane brings up the rear, plodding along, taking his own sweet time.

Once on the fresh field, the air is filled with the sounds of munching. I take some time to walk through and inspect the herd, looking at each cow and calf for soundness, clear eyes or anything out of the ordinary.

Thankfully, everyone looks great! Lucy’s infected back hoof is sound and regrowing, and the rest of her feet look wonderful. The twins are growing well, a bit skinnier than the single calves, but sturdy and healthy. Peggy’s broken leg has completely healed and she runs with the other calves with ease.

Welcome summer!

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