Two weeks later …

This time, I brought Pippie and the two young heifers into the corral the night before auction day.  With a full round bale of hay, a trough of water and Sundance’s run-in for shelter, all three were happy with the accommodations.

At 6am the following day, with the weather rainy but cool, Pippie moved relatively easily into the working pen.  By 6:30am, she was loaded on the trailer and we were heading off to the auction.


Saying good-bye to Pippie was sad, but she had lots of other cows to keep her company.  And the auction was being held later in the day, so she did not have to spend a night waiting.  The circle of life on a farm can be difficult, but with a cow in Pippie’s condition, better to be moving on now rather than risk a difficult calving.


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