Seven Long Days

Hugo has his neutering surgery last week. When I dropped him off at the vet’s office, he was bouncy and joyful, expecting a play date or day care outing. Surprise! Afterwards, as he laid on his bed whimpering, I explained to him that he was fortunate to get anesthesia and stitches, bull calves only get a squirt of betadine and a pat when they become steers.

Hugo was much better the following day and a good sport about wearing the cone. The only problem was the plastic cone from the vet was too bug and uncomfortable in his crate. The first night, the poor dog spent an hour trying to go to sleep with the cone constantly catching on the crate walls.

So I bought a softer, somewhat smaller cone that was a lot more comfortable. This dog is amazingly nimble and by the third day had figured out a way to lick the stitches in spite of wearing the cone. Thankfully, no damage was done.

Yesterday, the long week was finally over and Hugo could finally resume his daily walks off lead. With seven days of pent up energy, he was one exuberant schnauzer.

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